6.6L Duramax MAP Sensor Replacement

How to Replace the MAP Sensor on a Duramax Diesel

The manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor measures the pressure inside of the intake manifold, which corresponds to turbocharger boost pressure. This is one of many parameters used to determine fuel injection rates, thus a faulty MAP sensor can have a significant impact on performance and fuel economy.

Applicable model years: 2006 - 2010 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra w/ 6.6L Duramax diesel
6.6L Duramax MAP sensor: ACDelco 2134658, GM 12623671
6.6L Duramax MAP sensor seal:
GM 16194007 (seal generally included w/ replacement sensor)

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• Disconnect both negative battery cables.

• Locate the MAP sensor on the upper intake plenum to the passenger side of the alternator.

• Disconnect the electrical connector from the MAP sensor. We also recommend unplugging the electrical connector above the MAP sensor in order to obtain clear access to the retainer bolt.

• Remove the MAP sensor retainer bolt with a 10 mm socket.

• Carefully remove the MAP sensor from the intake plenum. Rotating the sensor body left to right will help it come out easily without breaking the plastic tip off.

• Clean the mounting surface of any debris and ensure that the MAP sensor seal did not leave remnants in, on, or around the intake plenum. Any debris that enters this hole will end up inside the cylinders of the engine.

• Remove the retaining bracket from the old MAP sensor and install it on the replacement (slides off and on).

• Lightly lubricate the MAP sensor gasket with clean engine oil.

• Install the new MAP sensor, once again rotating it left-to-right while inserting into the hole in the intake plenum.

• Once the MAP sensor is fully seated, install the retaining bolt and snug down; do not overtighten as the aluminum threads in the intake manifold are soft and easy to strip.

• Reconnect the electrical connector(s), negative battery cables, and check for proper operation.