6.6L Duramax Fuel Filter Replacement

Duramax Fuel Filter Replacement Procedures

The fuel filter housing is located on the passenger side of the engine and features an integrated pumping device in order to prime the fuel system after replacing the fuel filter.

Applicable model years: 2001 - 2016 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra w/ 6.6L Duramax diesel
2001 - 2010 Duramax fuel filter replacement intervals: 15,000 miles
2011 - 2016 Duramax fuel filter: 22,500 miles or as indicated by instrument cluster display
6.6L Duramax fuel filter: ACDelco TP3018
6.6L Duramax water-in-fuel sensor assembly: ACDelco 12639277 (2001 - 2011 MY)
Fuel filter housing bleed screw w/ o-ring: GM 97363195
Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra fender clips: GM 21030249

GM recommends replacing the fuel filter every 15,000 miles on 2001 to 2010 model year trucks and ever 22,500 miles (or as indicated by the instrument cluster display) for 2011 to 2016 model year trucks. Removal of the passenger side inner fender permits complete and easy access to the fuel filter housing assembly.

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6.6L Duramax diesel fuel filter location

• The fuel filter is located on the passenger side of the engine below the air intake tube.

• Remove the center air intake tube (between air filter housing and turbocharger inlet mouthpiece).

• Remove the passenger side inner fender (secured by a series of plastic body clips).

6.6L Duramax fuel water separator

• Optional - Attach a small section of 1/4" fuel hose to the water-fuel separator drain valve located at the bottom of the fuel filter. Open the bleed screw at the top of the fuel filter housing, then drain the water separator into a suitable container and properly dispose of the fuel.

• Close the drain valve and remove the fuel hose.

Duramax fuel water separator electrical connector

• Locate and disconnect the water-in-fuel sensor electrical connector.

Duramax fuel filter removal

• Remove the fuel filter by rotating counter-clockwise (as if you were looking from the bottom up). Be sure that the water-in-fuel sensor wire does not become entangled while unscrewing the fuel. Keep the filter positioned upright until removed from vehicle to ensure fuel is not spilled.

• Drain the filter once removed and verify that the gasket did not stick to the fuel filter housing.

6.6L Duramax water in fuel sensor removal

• Remove the water-in-fuel sensor assembly from the bottom of the fuel filter using an appropriate wrench, socket, or pliers.

• Replace the o-ring on the water-in-fuel sensor assembly (provided with new fuel filter). If the water-in-fuel sensor assembly is damaged, do not reuse.

new fuel filter with water in fuel sensor installed

• Lubricate the water-in-fuel sensor o-ring with clean engine oil, then install snug on the new fuel filter.

• Lubricate the new fuel filter gasket with clean engine oil, then install at the top of the fuel filter.

• Do not fill the filter with diesel fuel; the fuel filter housing has an integrated hand pump that will be used to pump diesel from the fuel tank into the filter.

new fuel filter installated

• Install the replacement fuel filter, once again ensuring that the water-in-fuel sensor connector does not become entangled with its surroundings. Install snug by hand only, do not tighten with tools.

fuel filter bleed screw

• Locate and open the bleed valve to the driver side of the fuel priming pump. If desired, you can remove the bleed screw for inspection of the o-ring.

6.6L Duramax fuel priming pump

• Repeatedly pump the plunger on the top of the fuel filter housing until all air escapes and diesel fuel begins to flow out of the bleed screw orifice. Immediately close the bleed screw; do not overtighten, the screw is plastic. Clean up any spills so that leaks can be easily detected.

• Reinstall the inner fender and intake tube.

• Start the engine and check for leaks. If truck runs rough for an extended period of time (idle should smooth out within 30 seconds), turn engine off, re-bleed system at the fuel filter housing, and check for leaks (including the bleed screw o-ring).